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DOE SciDAC Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies (VACET)

DOE SciDAC Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies (VACET)
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Collaborations with Science Stakeholders

AcceleratorSciDAC SA: Community Petascale Project for Accelerator Science and Simulation (ComPASS), INCITE Awardee
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Cameron Geddes, LBNL
AstrophysicsSciDAC SA: Computational Astrophyisics Consoritium: Supernovae, Gamma Ray Bursts, and Nucleosynthesis
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Stan Woosley, UC Santa Cruz and John Bell, LBN
 INCITE: Multidimensional Simulations of Core Collapse Supernovae, PetaApps: Supernova Simulations with CHIMERATony Mezzacappa, John Blondin, Steve Bruenn
ClimateSciDAC SA: Global Cloud Resolving Model, INCITE AwardeeDave Randall, CSU
 SciDAC CET: Earth Systems GridDean Williams, LLNL
 NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Library
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Name of person at NOAA/GFDL
CombustionInteraction of Turbulence and Chemistry in Lean Premixed Laboratory Flames, INCITE AwardeeJohn Bell, LBNL
 High-Fidelity Simulations for Clean and Efficient Combustion of Alternative Fuels, INCITE Awardee
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Jacqueline Chen, SNL
FusionFramework Application for Core-Edge Transport Simulations (FACETS)John Cary, Tech-X
 SciDAC Center for Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Turbulent Transport in Burning Plasmas (P. Diamond) and SciDAC Center for Plasma Edge Simulation (C.S. Chang)Stephen Ethier, PPPL; Seung-Hoe Ku (NYU); Julian Cummings (Caltech)
 Center for Extended Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling (CEMM) (S. Jardin); Center for Simulation of Plasma Microturbulence (CSPM) (W. Nevins); Simulation of Wave Interactions with Magnetohydrodynamics (SWIM)
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S. Kruger (Tech-X); J. Breslau (PPPL); W. Nevins (LLNL); D. Bachelor (ORNL)
TurbulenceSimulations of Turbulent Flows with Strong Shocks and Density VariationsEric Johnsen, Johann Larson (Stanford)
 Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (INCITE runs of Nek5000)Paul Fischer (Argonne)
MathematicsApplied Partial Differential Equations Center for Enabling TechnologyPhil Colella, LBNL

Technology and Outreach Collaborations

Data ManagementSciDAC Scientiffic Data Management Center for Enabling TechnologyArie Shoshani and Kesheng Wu, LBNL
Outreach and Software Engineering InfrastructureSciDAC Outreach InstituteDavid Skinner, LBNL/NERSC
Code InteroperabiltySciDAC Interoperable Technologies for Advanced Petascale Simulations (ITAPS)Lori Diachin, LLNL
VisualizationInstitute for Ultrascale VisualizationJohn Owens and Kwan-Liu Ma, UCD; Jian Huang, UTK

Other Collaborations

Supercomputing CenterArgonne Advanced Leadership Computing FacilityBill Allcock (Argonne)
 LBNL National Energy Research Scientific Computing CenterKatherine Yelick and Francesca Verdier (LBNL)
 ORNL National Center for Computational SciencesDoug Kothe (ORNL)
VisualizationVisIt project
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Eric Brugger (LLNL)