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Multiple Fields

The visualization community has produced numerous techniques for looking at single scalar, vector, and tensor fields. However, rather than looking at a single field at a time, scientists need to explore the interaction of these fields to gain deeper understanding of underlying processes and relationships. Creating such tools for exploring these multi-field, time-varying data sets forms one of the significant challenges in visualization and analytics. Typically, a researcher is interested in particular regions where certain properties (or derived properties) hold. Our Center is creating the capability for a scientist to identify and specify these properties then segment the data set to determine the regions where these properties hold. We plan to build on our on-going work in query-based systems, visualization of distributed data sets, derived data methods coupled with multi-field scalar, vector-, and tensor- field visualization techniques to create usable options and interfaces for displaying and exploring multi-field data sets. These activities will be conducted on a per-stakeholder basis as part of our ongoing interaction with those projects with the resulting capabilities being immediately available for use on other stakeholder projects.

Topological Analysis of Magnetic Islands in DIID-D Tokamak