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News & Events 2008

TopoInVis'09 to be held Feb 23-24, 2009

VisIt Presented to Fusion Researchers at PPPL

VACET members presented an all day class on VisIt, VACET's powerful data analysis and visualization toolset for scientific data, to researchers at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) on Sept 8, 2008. Sean Ahern of ORNL taught the all-day session for PPPL researchers who are involved in a number of SciDAC projects and have significant need for production-quality visualization and analysis tools. Recognizing the power of the VisIt visualization system, many researchers expressed an interest in moving their work over to the new platform. Spurred by the focus on visualization and analysis, PPPL researchers and VACET members also discussed a number of potential future collaborative projects, including workflow automation and comparative analysis. We look forward to future involvement with the cutting edge Plasma Physics team at Princeton.

VACET Team Wins Big at 2008 DOE SciDAC Conference!

VACET researchers win big at the inaugural "Visualization Night" at the SciDAC 2008 meeting in Seattle, WA. Of the ten "People's Choice" awards, selected by vote by conference attendees, VACET wins three "Oscars" and an honorable mention. They are:

"Accurate and Efficient Integral Surfaces for Flow Visualization" (37MB)
C. Garth, H. Krishnan, X. Tricoche and K.I. Joy. (University of California Davis)

"The Golden Age of Scientific Visualization" (33MB)
C. Johnson et al. (University of Utah and Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies (VACET))

"Visualization of Next-generation GFDL/NOAA Climate Simulations" (14MB)
Prabhat, J. Jacobsen, G.H. Weber, C. Kerr, V. Balaji and E.W. Bethel (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

An honorable mention was awarded for:

"Towards the Visualization of Multi-Dimentional Stochastic Distribution Data" (34MB)
Kristin Potter, Jens Krueger, Chris Johnson (Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute)

Additionally, VACET stakeholders Tech-X Corporation also win People's Choice awards using VACET visualization software for visual analysis of fusion physics simulation data.

"Visual Inspection of a Vorpal Modeled Crab Cavity" (21MB)
J. Cary and T. Austin (Tech-X Corporation)

Wes Bethel Lecture Presentation

Scientific Visualization: The Modern Oscilloscope for "Seeing the Unseeable"

(YouTube Video Clip)

VACET Center profiled in SciDAC Review: Seeing the Unseeable

(L-R) Valerio Pascucci, Sean Ahern, E. Wes Bethel,
Jim Matheson, Chris Johnson, Ken Joy

Congressman Jim Matheson Visits the VACET All Hands Meeting, April 11, 2008.

VACET Fusion Visualization Research Profiled on NJN News