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DOE SciDAC Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies (VACET)
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What's New on the Site?

• Added link to Chris Johnson SciDAC website interview. (1/19/10)
• Added story "VACET, ESG partner for new Climate tools" from scidac.gov website. (12/7/09)
• Added two thermal convection visualizations provided by Christoph Garth. (9/2/09)
• Added a dozen or so 2009 publications. (9/1/09)
• Added two publications and two video clips from Christoph Garth. (8/20/09)
• Added two publications and two video clips from Christoph Garth. (8/20/09)
• Added News item about Wired's Best Science Visualization Videos of 2009. (8/20/09)
• Added Google Analytics to site. (8/2/09)
• Added news item about Vistrails Inc. Utah Innovation award. (5/6/09)
• Updated Collaborations page including a complete list of projects and collaborators (4/6/09)
• Added announcement of Sean Ahern VisIt Class at ORNL (4/3/09)
• Added new journal cover to gallery: SciDAC Review Spring 2009 (3/17/09)
• Added news item: VACET Center profiled in SciDAC Review: Seeing the Unseeable (6/20/08)
• Added photo/news item Congressman Jim Matheson Visits the VACET All Hands Meeting, April 11, 2008. (4/11/08)
• Added Fusion Particle Potential image from Allen Sanderson. (3/20/08)
• Added news item: "VACET Fusion Visualization Research Profiled on NJN News" (2/19/08).
• Added link under news & events to article in November 2007 CTWatch Quarterly: "VACET - Strategy for Petascale Visual Data Analysis Success" (12/3/07).
• Added link under news & events "SciDAC Features VACET Research: Topological Analysis Provides Deeper Insight into Hydrodynamic Instabilities" (11/26/07).
• Added news announcement about VisTrails 1.0 release (11/2/07).
• Added image of 3D Visualizaton of Particles in Magnetically Confined Fusion Energy Simulation by Thiago Ize.
• Added a publication: C. Jones, K.-L. Ma, A. Sanderson, L. Myers. "Visual Interrogation of Gyrokinetic Particle Simulations". (8/28/07)
• Added a presentation: Ken Joy "Visualization and Analytics Advances for SciDAC Science". (8/28/07)
• Added a publication from Ken Joy entitled "Frameworks for Visualization at the Extreme Scale". (8/28/07)
• Added a presentation and publication from Hank Childs both entitled "Architectural Challenges and Solutions for Petascale Postprocessing". (8/27/07)
• Added PDF of Gunther H. Weber, Valerio Pascucci. "Topological Landscapes: A Terrain Metaphor for Scientific Data" to publications. (8/27/07).
• Added four new VisTrails images from Claudio and Carlos to image gallery. (8/21/07).
• Added Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation for Magnetic Fusion image from Allen Sanderson: (Fig. 4). (8/21/07)
• Added new video clip and two images visualizing trapped and untrapped particles in a fusion plasma from Allen Sanderson and Stephane Ethier. (8/14/2007)
• Added a new Vis 2007 publication, primary authors Sung-Eui Yoon and Peter Lindstrom. (8/13/2007)
• Added three new images from Luke Gosink on Query Driven Visualization to image gallery. (8/10/2007)
• Added two new Vis 2007 publications, primary authors C. Scheidegger and I. Wald. (7/25/2007)
• Added two new Vis 2007 publications, primary authors A. Wiebel and C. Garth. (7/23/2007)
• Added four new images to Turbulent Flow section of gallery related to Vis 2007 publications mentioned above. (7/23/2007)
• Added new image from Jamison R. Daniel to climate section of gallery: nee_co2_scidac07_d2.png. (7/12/2007)
• Added a "Presentations" section of the publications page along with several presentations. (5/4/2007)
Image added showing particle filtering by way of a parallel coordinates plot in VisIt from Sean Ahern. (5/4/2007)
Particle height field video clip added from Thiago Ize. (4/24/2007)
Two fusion images added to gallery, visualizations of a Poincare plot and magnetic field islands. (4/13/2007)
News item added about VACET image used on Spring SciDAC Review cover. (3/21/2007)
Added photos and contact info for the VACET team. (3/14/2007)
Turbulent flow images added to gallery. (3/5/2007)