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DOE SciDAC Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies (VACET)
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News & Events 2010

VACET researchers win People's Choice Awards at SciDAC 2010

Awards were presented for the following visualizations:

Tied for #3: Visualization of Convective Flow with Integral Surfaces

(Video Clip 48MB) Christoph Garth, Hari Krishnan, Kenneth I. Joy (Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization, University of California, Davis)

See: Gallery - Turbulent Flow

#5 Clean Energy for the Future with the ITER Reactor

(Video Clip 133MB) Jamison Daniel (ORNL), David Pugmire (ORNL), Michael Matheson (ORNL), Sean Ahern (ORNL)

See: Gallery - Fusion

#6: Type Ia Supernova: Turbulent Combustion at the Grandest Scale

(Video Clip 2.5MB) Hank Childs (LBNL), Haitao Ma (UCSC), Stan Woosley (UCSC), John Bell (LBNL), Ann Almgren (LBNL), Andy Nonaka (LBNL)

See: Gallery - Astrophysics

Tied for #8: Hurricane Season

(Video Clip 38MB) Prabhat (LBL), Michael Wehner (LBL), Wes Bethel (LBL)

See: Gallery - Climate

Chris Johnson Interviewed on SciDAC Website

Simulation of Historical and Projected Climate Change 1900-2100 Presented at UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen