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Ray Tracing

Video Clip (31.7MB)
Real-time ray tracing of the Fairy Forest scene. We achieved 16 frames per second on this scene with lighting and shading with statically built scene data. When building on the fly, we achieved 4 to 5 frames per second. We also can ray trace the powerplant scene at 16 frames per second with shadows at 1024x1024 resolution. Authors: B. Budge, J. Anderson, C. Garth, K. Joy

We showcase caustic forecasting, an algorithm for speeding up the calculation of unbiased caustic lighting. Authors: B. Budge, J. Anderson, K. Joy

Ray tracing using a restricted BSP (RBSP) datastructure for accelerating intersections. Our technique allows the building of RBSP asymptotically faster than previous work, with practical runtimes orders of magnitude faster than previous work. Our RBSP traversal algorithm is also an improvement of 5-8x over previous work. Authors: B. Budge, D. Coming, D. Norpchen, K. Joy